AALS Section on Criminal Justice

Alexandra Natapoff

Alexandra “Sasha” Natapoff is an award-winning legal scholar and criminal justice expert. She received a 2016 Guggenheim Fellowship for her current book project which explores the profound significance of misdemeanors for the U.S. criminal system. Two of her articles, Speechless: The Silencing of Criminal Defendants (NYU Law Review) and Underenforcement (Fordham Law Review), have received the Outstanding Scholarship Award from the AALS Criminal Justice Section. Most recently, she is co-editor, with Sharon Dolovich, of the 14-essay collection entitled THE NEW CRIMINAL JUSTICE THINKING (2017). She is Professor of Law and Associate Dean for Research at Loyola Law School, Los Angeles; prior to entering the academy she served as an Assistant Federal Public Defender in Baltimore, Maryland. She has testified before Congress; helped draft state and federal reform legislation; and appears frequently in the national media.