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The Association of American Law Schools is delighted to announce the inaugural Section of the Year Award (SOTY). This new award will be given each year at the AALS Annual Meeting.

The SOTY will recognize excellence in member support and other activities that promote AALS’s core values. Activities may include: annual meeting programming, facilitating outstanding scholarship, providing teaching support and course materials, community/pro bono service, engagement with the bar and bench, mentoring programs, expanding membership and member engagement, creative use of technology, and more.

Up to two Sections may receive the SOTY per year.


Nominations may be submitted through this online form. Nominations must include:

  • Section name
  • Name, position, and contact information of person submitting nomination
  • Detailed description of the work of the Section you are nominating and why you believe this work advances the Association’s core values and deserves recognition
  • AALS will accept nominations between March 3 and June 16. The SOTY will be announced November 1, and the winner(s) will be recognized at the 2018 AALS Annual Meeting in San Diego



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