Promoting Your Section’s Annual Meeting Programming

Dear Section Chairs and Chairs-Elect,

Every January, the AALS Annual Meeting draws thousands of deans, professors, administrators, students, exhibitors, and guests from the legal profession. Programs developed by the association’s 101 Sections comprise a majority of the sessions at the meeting. There are several ways to connect with the media through your Section’s program. While reporters covering legal affairs and higher education have attended the AALS Annual Meeting for years, AALS recently started inviting reporters that also cover economics, financial services, health care, urban planning, crime, women’s issues and many other topics explored by AALS Sections at the meeting. C-SPAN has even covered some programs live and taped others for later broadcast.

AALS Sections

For a variety of reasons, you may be interested in having media attend and report on your Section’s Annual Meeting program. Media can help promote ideas, topics, and scholarly subjects that your Section members have been devoting significant time and attention to and that are particularly relevant to current events, debates about law and public policy, and issues impacting society. Media can also draw attention to the importance of the legal academy in problem-solving, exploring in depth critical issues, and educating the public.

When contemplating inviting media to your Annual Meeting session, Section leaders and panel moderators may want to keep the following things in mind:

  • Are there particular reporters that would be interested in the program?
  • Is the entire panel comfortable with media presence at the session?
  • Has anyone opted out of the recording of podcasts?
  • Will the panel mind taking questions from the media during or after the session?
  • Would the panel mind lights and cameras (photo or video) at the session?

The AALS Communications Staff would be glad to provide press passes to the Annual Meeting to credentialed reporters and work with AALS Section leaders on developing a media list and inviting press to Section programs. James Greif, Director of Communications can be reached at 202-296-1593 and