Podcasts of Your Section’s
Annual Meeting Program

Dear Section Chairs and Chairs-Elect,

This edition of The Section Counselor features podcast recordings of Annual Meeting sessions available in the members-only section of the AALS website. Please visit http://aals.org/podcasts to view all of our podcast offerings. Scroll down to see a small sampling of available sessions from the 2016 Annual Meeting in New York City.

As we get closer to the 2017 Annual Meeting in San Francisco, to be held from January 3-7, 2017, you might consider how you will use the podcast recordings of your Section’s program to reach an even wider audience after the meeting. Indeed, many Annual Meeting attendees find there is simply not enough time to attend all of the meeting programs they would like to attend in person. As a Section chair, you might consider informing your members about the availability of the podcast recordings as a great way to virtually attend programs of interest that your members could not attend in person.

AALS is here to help you get the message out about the podcast recordAALS Sectionsings of your Section’s annual meeting programs. You might consider working directly with AALS’s Director of Communications, Jim Greif at jgreif@aals.org to share the podcast with reporters covering topics that are relevant to your Section. Or, you might consider creating a page on your Section’s members-only website listing all of your Section’s past recorded sessions. Section chairs may edit their own site directly or contact AALS staff at support@aals.org for assistance.

Instructions: How to Update your Section’s Member-only Website

We would love to hear from you about what you think about podcasts as a resource for Sections. Please feel free to drop a note with our Manager of Section Services, Josh Albertson.

Here are a few sample recordings of podcasts that you can browse to get a better sense of podcast recordings of Annual Meeting sessions:

Impossible Realities, Infinite Loops and Movable Staircases: The Impact of Institutional Marginalization on the Tricky, Unpredictable, and Inconsistent Trajectory of the Non-Tenured Track Career


Law And Religion — Religious Responses To Same – Sex Marriage


Minority Groups, co-sponsored by Employment Discrimination Law and Women in Legal Education — From Selma to Ferguson – Reflections on Police, Policing, and Protests


Institutional Advancement — Plenary Session — A Conversation – Reframing the Narrative on Legal


Visit http://aals.org/podcasts to view more podcasts.