Although we aim to record each and every session at the Annual Meeting, some sessions do get missed. This can be the result of unexpected changes in sound quality inside meeting rooms, our recording devices running out of batteries, or our devices being taken by unknown persons and not returned to us. We apologize to the section officers and speakers whose sessions were not successfully recorded, and to any of our members who wanted to listen to them online. We are continually working to improve our recording process.

The following is a list of sessions from the 2018 Annual Meeting that either weren’t recorded, or didn’t meet an acceptable standard of audio quality.

AALS Discussion Group | Foreign Interference in Elections
AALS House of Representatives | Second Meeting
Arc of Career Program | Leadership Development in Law Schools
Arc of Career Program | Opportunities and Challenges for Faculty of Color in Skills-Focused Law Teaching and Law Administration
Civil Procedure | Procedure as Technology/Technology as Procedure
Criminal Justice | Juveniles, Incarceration, and the Constitution: A Conversation
Islamic Law | Islamic Jurisprudence, Civil Rights, and Social Justice
Jurisprudence | Philosophy, Criminal Law, and the Present Crisis
Law Libraries and Legal Information | Using Leadership Skills to Innovate, Motivate, and Collaborate
Minority Groups | Technology as a Sword and a Shield: Law at the Intersection of Civil Rights and Surveillance
National Security Law | National Security in a Time of Trump
Part-Time Division Programs | Experiential Learning: ABA Standards 303 and 304: How to Effectively Offer Clinical Education to Evening Students
Planning Meeting and Continental Breakfast for 2017 and 2018 Section Officers
Professional Responsibility | Professional Responsibility Works in Progress Session
Socio-Economics | Socio-Economics and the Future
Socio-Economics | Concurrent Session: Socio-Economics and "Law and Economics"
Socio-Economics | Concurrent Session: Current State of Play in Financial Services Regulation
Student Services | Advancing Excellence for Our Students and Ourselves
Taxation | Tax Legislation in the 116th Congress