How to Use Section Listservs

The AALS uses an online platform,, that provides individual websites, listservs, and file sharing capabilities for each of the association’s sections. This is a guide for section members on how to engage with the basic features of that listserv platform.

Signing up for a Section

To join a section or to inquire of your current section memberships, email AALS staff will be happy to assist you. Joining a section automatically adds you to that section’s two main listservs: Announcement and Discussion.

Posting a Message to a Listserv

The methods for posting to the Announcement and Discussion listservs are identical: by email and through the section website at However, the Announcement listserv is used only for one-way communication. Only section officers and others with administrative posting rights may send and reply to messages. Any section member can send and receive messages on the Discussion listserv. Both listservs have unique email addresses, which can be found by logging into the section website or contacting AALS staff. Here’s a guide to posting to section listservs:

Posting a Message by Email

What You Need:

  • To be a member of the section
  • Listserv Email Address

The easiest and most common method of posting to a listserv is by email. Compose your email message and send it to your section’s email address. If you are not a member of a section or need the listserv email address, email

Posting a Message on the Section Website (Add a Thread)

What You Need:

  • To be a member of the section
  • Section Website URL (…/)
  • AALS Account Username and Password

There are some advantages to posting a message to your section listserv through your section website (“Adding a Thread”). You are able to view an archive of past posts and replies, and you are also able to see your message when it is posted. To do this, you must visit your section’s website. You will be prompted to login with your personal AALS account credentials. Once logged in, you will see a drop down menu in the body of the website titled “Forum”. Under “Forum”, you are likely to see two listservs: an Announcement listserv and a Discussion listserv. Click on the listserv you want.

You will notice a list of past conversations sent through the listserv.

Notice the navigation panel on the right hand side. To post a new message, click “Add a Thread”.

You will see your message posted to the listserv in real time.

File Sharing

Section members may share files one of two ways: as an attachment in an email message or by uploading the files to a section website file library.

Sharing Files as an Attachment

If you know how to send an email attachment through your email client (Outlook, for example), then you already know how to send an attachment through your section listserv. You can view and download those attachments through your email client like normal.

Downloading Email Attachments through Section Website

If a document is attached in an email to the listserv, then it is also attached to the message on the section website. You may download those attachments through your the section’s website. Find the listserv (“forum”). Then, locate the message with the attachment. Scroll to the bottom of the message to view the attachment. Click to download or save the URL of the document to share with others.

Sharing Files in the File Library

Section members may also share files in the File Library, which is located at the bottom of the main section webpage homepage. Click the link to view file libraries.

Here is a list of file libraries, that may contain one or more documents.

Click to view and download those individual files, or to have those files emailed to yourself.

If you have any additional questions about navigating your section websites, please contact