North Dakota Law Professor Patti Alleva does “What the Best Law Professors Do”

University of North Dakota School of Law

Harvard University Press’s publication “What the Best Law Teachers Do” has recognized Professor Patti Alleva, University of North Dakota School of Law, as one of the nation’s best law professors in the country. The four-year study highlighted the methods, strategies, and personal traits of professors whose students achieve exceptional learning. Professor Alleva is one of 26 professors recognized for their exceptional talents and contributions in the book. This is not the first time she has been acknowledged for her strengths as a legal educator, having received her school’s Lydia & Arthur Saiki Prize for Graduate or Professional Teaching Excellence twice. She is also a former UND Bush Foundation Teaching Scholar.

Her many contributions to UND Law School include her role in creating and now co-coordinating a course for first year students, “Professional Foundations,” that encourages them to cultivate the habit of professional self-reflection. She teaches an innovative capstone course that is designed to explore professional identity and judgement and serves as faculty mentor for teaching and learning enhancement. Her scholarship and public service also seek to improve pedagogy and legal education.

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