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Previously an Assistant United States Attorney, Professor Sklansky now uses his talents to benefit scholarship and students at Stanford Law School. He is the author of the acclaimed evidence casebook, “Evidence: Cases, Commentary and Problems,” and has contributed to increased understanding of a variety of topics relating to criminal justice. His colleague, Robert Weisberg, Edwin E. Huddleson, Jr. Professor of Law, praises Professor Sklansky as a “national superstar” who has conducted innovative research and writing on “the political science of policing, the regulation of jury deliberations, the application of the Fourth Amendment to new surveillance technologies, the relationship between criminal justice and immigration laws, and the state of our hearsay laws.”

“I love teaching,” says Professor Sklansky, who has received several campus-wide distinguished teaching awards. “It brings me into contact with young people whose perspective aren’t hardened yet; they approach things with fresh insights and energy.” He also enjoys the classroom’s spontaneity: “Good teaching can’t be canned. In any good class, something is happening that has never happened before.”

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