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1. Otgontenger University

2. Shihihutug Law School


1. Otgontenger University
Peace Avenue, Jukov Street, Postal Branch No 51, box 35
Ulaanbaatar-51, Mongolia
Phone: 976 11 453 933; Fax: 976 11 458 635;
Email: naranchimeg_d@yahoo.com

Process from Law School to practice:

To work as a judge, advocate, prosecutor and notary the graduates have to pass the state worker test, also they must have practiced in the relevant offices as an assistant lawyer, assistant prosecutor and secretary to a judge. Afterwards, the graduates have been involved in professional training and been selected. The selection activity is carried by each organization itself.

They do not have, yet, the structure of BAR to award the graduates a title of Lawyer and make them work as a judge, prosecutor or advocate by selecting them in the same criteria with higher educated people of law.

The students of legal major take final exam after 4 years of study. Those who want to become an attorney lawyers or a prosecutor must take a state work exam after the graduation and after words, an internship can be done. Requirements for those who want to become a judge: have at least 3 years of experience in related legal field, be over 25 years old, must pass state work exam. With these requirements, a judge is appointed. There is no specified length of practice or internship for those who want to become an attorney or a prosecutor. But in most cases, they have practice of 6 months or more, as assistant. Before taking a state work exam, they must be enrolled in a official professional training for a week to a month. In Mongolia, there is no official Bar Association. Attorneys are tested and selected by the Mongolian Attorneys Association, judges by the General Council of Courts, prosecutors by the State General Department for prosecutors.


2. Shihihutug Law School
210628 Seoul Street, V khoroo, Suhebaatar district,
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Phone: 976 1 320 812; Fax: 976 1 323 392;
Email: shihihutug@mongol.net

Process from Law School to practice:

The graduates are admitted to legal practice after they received their degree (LL.B.). the bar admissions are required only for defense attorneys who specialize in criminal law. In addition, the candidates for the position of a judge should have at least a five-years experience in the legal field.