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Opportunity for Comment on a Statement of Good Practices For the Recruitment and Retention of Minority Law Faculty Members.

To Deans and Faculty Members of AALS Member Schools:

It has been the practice of the AALS to seek comments from Deans, Academic Associate Deans, and other members of the faculty at our Member Law Schools, before a new Good Practices Statement is promulgated. This practice of providing an opportunity for comment has surfaced valuable commentary which has further improved the Good Practices Statements before they are formally issued. On previous occasions comments have surfaced unintended consequences, or pointed to places subject to multiple interpretations, or added insights to those already represented.

Specifically, the Statement of Good Practices we invite you to comment on addresses the recruitment and retention of minority faculty. The statement, which follows this message, relates to a core value of the Association. Bylaw 6-1 b states:

“The Association values and expects its member schools to value:

. . . .

(iv) a diverse faculty and staff hired, promoted and retained based on meeting and supporting high standards of teaching and scholarship and in accordance with principles of non-discrimination.”

Good Practices Statement

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Please Submit by August 10, 2012.