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Dean's Memos
The AALS national office sends memorandums to Deans to communicate to its members about important information concerning legal education or AALS activities. The texts of these Deans' Memos (starting in August 1997) are available on this website.

Directory of Law Teachers
The Directory is an annual publication that lists, by school, the full-time faculty and professional staff of all member and fee-paid law schools. It also contains biographical sketches of over 8,000 full-time teachers and law librarians and lists full-time teachers by subject taught. There are also separate listings of minority law teachers and of law school professional staff such as directors of admissions, development, placement, or alumni relations. It also lists the Canadian law schools and their full-time faculty.

Faculty Recruitment
The AALS offers three main services for those interested in finding a job as a law teacher. The Association serves as a conduit, sending to law schools information on candidates via the Faculty Appointments Register, and sending to candidates advertisements for positions at schools via the Placement Bulletin.

Legislative Advocacy
Containing letters to Representatives and Senators, and briefs filed in cases brought against law schools.

Mailing Labels

AALS members and non-members can rent AALS membership lists on a one-time use only basis.

AALS Newsletter
The AALS Newsletter is published four times a year. The Newsletter includes a column by the AALS President, and articles about Faculty Recruitment Services, upcoming AALS Professional Development Programs and the AALS Annual Meeting.

Professional Development

In 1969 the AALS sponsored a law teaching clinic designed to help faculty focus on pedagogical issues that arise in law teaching. Since then the Association’s professional development program has grown dramatically.

If you are interested in subscribing to AALS publications without registering in the FAR, please complete the Order Form and return it to the AALS.

AALS Sections are interest groups composed of members of the faculty and professional staff of AALS member schools. Sections present programs at the AALS Annual Meeting, provide newsletters for their membership, and conduct other activities of interest to their members, such as mentoring programs, exam exchanges, directories, and listservs.

Special Reports

AALS Special and Special Committees issue reports which are distributed to AALS members in the Proceedings and sometimes as separate publications.

International Subscription
AALS offers a discounted Annual Meeting registration fee for professors and administrators at law schools outside the United States. Please visit the AALS Annual Meeting web site to view the 2005 AALS Annual Meeting program along with registration forms and hotel reservation instructions.

Subscriptions - Library Package Plan
The AALS Library Package Plan was established in response to the requests of a number of directors of law school libraries to have one copy of the AALS publications listed within mailed directly to the law library. Most of these publications are presently sent in bulk to the dean for distribution within the law school. By subscribing to the Library Package Plan, the library is assured of receiving one copy of each publication without having to rely on the school's mailroom to make the proper distribution.

Visiting and Retiring Faculty Register
The Visiting Faculty Register is a service only available for faculty who are identified in the current edition of the AALS Directory of Law Teachers as a faculty member or administrator at an AALS member (or fee paid) law school.