Course Synopses and Outlines

The Planning Committee has asked registrants to submit synopses/outlines of Human Rights courses. The following synopses/outlines are available on this website.

International Human Rights, by Donna E. Arzt

History and the Real World, by Nathaniel Berman

International Women's Rights Law, by Rebecca J. Cook

Arms and Human Rights, by Joost Hiltermann

Pedagogy: Teaching Human Rights, by Makau Mutua

Human Rights Responsibilities of Private Corporations, by Jordan J. Paust

"Multinational Corporations and International Human Rights Law: The New Lex Mercatoria," by Ralph G. Steinhardt

Non-State Actors and Their Impact on International Human Rights Law, by Siegfried Wiessner

Teaching Human Rights in a Law School Clinic: Case Theory as a Core Concept in the Lawyering Seminar, by Richard J. Wilson

Human Rights in the World Community, by Adrien K. Wing