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Important Notice Regarding Restrictions on Use of
Faculty Appointments Register

The Faculty Appointments Register is made available by the AALS on the express condition that the Register and information contained in it be used solely for the purpose of evaluating individual candidates for possible faculty recruitment and not for any other purpose.

The Faculty Appointments Register is the property of the AALS. Faculty Appointments Register information or data may not be used for research, converted into any data base or shared with any person not directly involved in the school’s faculty recruitment process.

Schools should take steps to ensure that the Faculty Appointments Register is accessed only in accord with the school’s appointments processes by those individuals designated to work on identifying candidates. Information on candidates not pursued should be retained only so long as necessary for the school to conduct its evaluation and hiring and comply with applicable institutional policies and any applicable laws. It is expected that information from the FAR relating to candidates who are being considered will be shared more broadly with decision makers in the appointments process.

This page contains information for law school recruiters using the Association of American Law Schools' Faculty Recruitment Services. We will be posting documents and information about the Faculty Appointments Register (FAR) and the Faculty Recruitment Conference (FRC).

Please check here for updates on deadlines for the 2013-14 Faculty Appointments Register.

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Recruiter Usernames and Passwords
If you are a recruiter and don't have a username and password, please contact your school's designated contact person. Please do not "register" through the AALS website; this is only for candidates. By completing the Registration Form, you would be registering to participate in the Faculty Recruitment Process as a candidate. Only your school's designated contact person can assign a username and password.