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The FAR is a collection of information about registrants interested in teaching at law schools. To participate in the FAR, registrants fill out an online questionnaire form, which asks for information on education, teaching and employment experience and bar passage. All information is saved in an online database. Each registrant will select a unique username and password, which can be used to access the online Placement Bulletin and to register for the Faculty Recruitment Conference.

Deans and recruiters of AALS member, fee-paid and other participating schools have access to the FAR database. Recruiters review this information in preparation for the Faculty Recruitment Conference, which will be held October 16, through October 18, 2014.

A registrant's information will be released to recruiters according to when the FAR information and payment are received by the AALS.

FAR registrants receive a one-year subscription to the Placement Bulletin. Registrants may access the Placement Bulletin online by loggin in to the FAR site.

There will be three releases of the FAR during the academic year. In order to ensure that your form is included in the release you prefer, your FAR payment must be made by the corresponding date in the schedule below. Forms will be released to the schools approximately one week after the corresponding deadline.

You should receive an email confirmation of your FAR registration once you have paid. (Registrants outside the U.S., please allow additional time.)

2013-2014 Deadlines and Distributions:

Distribution Form and Payment Due at AALS Distribution Fee
#1 August 13, 2014 August 21, 2014 $475
#2 September 3, 2014 September 11, 2014 $475
#3 September 29, 2014 October 6, 2014 $475

Questions can be directed to far@aals.org.


To participate in the FAR, you will enter your qualifications and experience into an online database. Much of the information you enter will be chosen from lists, such as a list of schools, or a list of law school teaching subjects.

1. Registration
When you go to the FAR website (https://far.aals.org), you should click the "Create an account" link which will take you to the Registration Page. Here you will enter your name and email address and click the "Sign up" button. You will receive an email from AALS FAR asking that you confirm your account. When you click on the link in the email, you will be asked to create a password. Once you have created a password, you will be logged in to the FAR site and will be able to fill out your account. We have programmed the FAR Online to check that the fields are used correctly, so you may get a Javascript prompt, alerting you to a problem (that a certain field cannot be left blank, for instance).

NOTE: The FAR website was redesigned for the 2013-14 recruiting year. Due to the redesign, any FAR applicant accounts that pre-dated the 2013-14 year no longer exist. If you had an account that pre-dated 2013-14, you will need to create a new account.

The FAR Online application uses 2-way encryption technology to allow secure communications between your computer and AALS. While in the FAR Online, your communications are with a secure server.

2. FAR Online Questionnaire Form
There are seven pages in the process of completing the FAR Online. The pages are described below. You do not need to complete the pages in the order they are listed, but you should visit each page before submitting your FAR information to AALS.

If you are entering information for the first time or making edits to any of the pages, you should click the "Save and Continue" button before going to another page.

FAR Pages

  • Contact Information: this form requests contact data.
  • Demographic Information: this form requests gender, ethnicity and veteran status data.
  • Education: this form requests information on a registrant's educational background, including school(s) attended and degree(s) received.
  • Teaching Preferences & Publications: this form allows a registrant to list preferred teaching subjects, publications and geographic restrictions.
  • Employment Experience: this form requests information about past employment, including teaching (law or otherwise).
  • Bar & References: this form requests bar admittance information, the names of three references and their contact information, as well as additional comments
  • Upload Resume: you may upload your resume here.

3. Reviewing Your FAR Information
From the Main Menu, you may click on "Review and Submit" to see what the one-page form will look like and to pay for your FAR application.


  • Verify that all information is accurate and complete
  • Print a copy of your FAR information for your records

4. Submitting Your FAR Information
On the "Review & Submit" page, you will be presented with a form to enter your credit card information. This will also show the details as to which distribution of the FAR you will be included in. Once you make the payment, your application will be included in that distribution, there is no need for any additional submission.

5. Confirmation
Once you fill out the payment form and click the "Purchase" button, your payment is submitted. Within a few seconds, you should see confirmation on the same page that your payment was successful. You will also receive and email confirming the payment was accepted.

6. FAR Fee Waiver Application
The Association may waive the fee for those unable to pay it due to financial hardship and who complete the FAR Fee Waiver Application Form. Inability to pay the fee will be verified via the fee waiver application form. Additional information may be requested. The application form must be received by AALS by specific deadline dates and approved to be included in the FAR Distribution without a fee payment. The fee waiver application and deadlines are below.

2015 - 2016 Fee Waiver Deadlines:

Distribution Fee Waiver Deadline
#1 July 23, 2014
#2 August 13, 2014
#3 September 8, 2014