Who Should Attend

Press Release

Equal Justice Home

All faculty, administrators, librarians and law students who desire to enhance their teaching, scholarship, and service by grounded involvement in the issues of equal justice in their communities, states, or regions should attend. We welcome the participation of legal services lawyers, public defenders, public interest lawyers, civil rights lawyers, pro bono lawyers, and others involved in the provision of legal representation to the poor and under-represented. We expect the range of issues to be considered at the Colloquia to be quite broad. They will include civil and criminal concerns, the provision of legal services to communities, the development of new skills for public interest lawyering, and the exploration of delivery systems through networks of private lawyers. The Colloquia will also consider the growing use of technology in the provision of legal services and the difficult ethical issues that are spawning in the emerging proposals for the delivery of legal services to the poor and underrepresented.

If you would like more information on the particular focus of a Colloquium planned for your area, or would like to be involved more directly in the Colloquium, see the list of locations and then click on the one that interests you. We welcome your involvement.