November 23, 1999





TO:                  Deans of Member Schools


FROM:            Carl C. Monk


SUBJECT:       Survey Regarding Federal Funding Affected by Solomon Amendment



            This memorandum seeks information to assist the Executive Committee in reviewing the impact of the recent partial repeal of the Solomon Amendment on AALS member schools.  Your responses will help the Executive Committee develop appropriate policies regarding enforcement of its membership requirements.  Please reply no later than Friday, December 10.


1\   To what extent, if at all, does your law school currently receive federal funding from a federal agency covered by the “Solomon Amendment?”











2\   If your law school does receive such funding, please state specifically the purpose of the funding, dollar amount, and its impact on the quality of your academic program.










3\   If your law school does not currently receive such funding, have you received it in the past?  If so, please state when you had such funding, the purpose, dollar amount, and the impact on your academic program.











4\   If you have other comments regarding law school funding from federal agencies affected by the Solomon Amendment and its partial repeal please share those with us.













cc:        Deans of Fee-Paid and Modified Fee-Paid Schools

            Executive Committee

            Richard J. Wood, Chair, Gay and Lesbian Legal Issues Section






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