September 16, 1999






To:                   Deans of Member and Fee-Paid Schools


From:              Harry G. Prince


Subject:           Request for Curricula


The AALS Executive Committee is supporting an effort by CALI (Center for Computer Assisted Legal Instruction) to collect curricula from member schools.  CALI plans to compile that information and then make it freely available to the legal education community.  The shared expectation of CALI and the AALS Executive Committee is that the ready availability of extensive information about course offerings may be helpful to faculties that are considering curricular modifications or related issues.


The AALS is therefore requesting that you provide CALI with a list of all courses currently offered with the following information:  course name; number of credits; and any prerequisites.  For most schools, submission of the most recent course catalog or student bulletin may be the most efficient way to provide the information.  We are not requesting that schools engage in any special work or editing to comply with this request.  Please send the course catalog or other listing of courses to:



            c/o John Mayer

            565 West Adams

            Chicago, IL 60661


Any questions may be directed to me at the AALS office (e-mail address: or to John Mayer, Executive Director of CALI (phone:  312-906-5307; e-mail:  Mr. Mayer and I will let you

know how the project progresses and when the compilation of course offerings is available for use.


Thank you for helping us collect this information.


cc:        John Mayer, CALI





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