May 18, 1999


To: Deans of Member Schools
From: Carl Monk
Subject: Suggestions for Committee Appointments


As you know, the work of the Association is done largely through its standing and special committees and sections. Each year the President-elect appoints members of standing committees to three year terms. These committees consider continuing or recurring matters and make recommendations to the Executive Committee. President-Elect Elliott Milstein, American University, will begin making appointments for the 2000 committees in August or September and welcomes your suggestions.

Appointments will be made to the following standing committees: Academic Freedom and Tenure, Audit and Association Investment Policy, Bar Admission and Lawyer Performance, Clinical Legal Education, Curriculum and Research, Consulting Group on Empirical Research, Government Relations, Libraries and Technology, Membership Review, Professional Development, Recruitment and Retention of Minority Law Teachers, Sections and Annual Meeting, and the Journal of Legal Education Editorial Board.

Suggestions of member school faculty who should be considered for appointment to these committees should be sent to my attention at the Association's national office.


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