August 5, 2004


To: Deans of Member
From: Joyce Saltalamachia
Subject: Designation of Elected Law School Representatives to the AALS House of Representatives


To prepare for the Association's 2005 Annual Meeting, and to update our records and mailing lists, we would appreciate your completing the form at the bottom of this memorandum identifying your school's representative and alternate to the AALS House of Representatives.

The Bylaws of the Association (Section 3-2) provide, in part, "The Faculty of each member school shall select the individual who is to represent the school in the House of Representatives and an alternate representative in the absence of the regular representative."

We need an accurate list to permit timely mailing of agenda materials for the House of Representative sessions. Thus we ask that you complete this form and return it by September 24. It can be faxed to 202-296-8869. In the alternative you can email the information to me at

Thank you for your cooperation.

School: _________________________________________________________

AALS Representative:  _____________________________________________

Alternate Representative:  ___________________________________________

Dean's Signature:  _________________________________________________

Date:    _________________________________________________________

cc:    AALS Executive Committee
        Deans of Fee-Paid and Modified Service Fee-Paid Schools


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