July 20, 2004


To: Deans of Member and Fee-Paid Schools, Interested Registrants and Exhibitors at the 2005 Annual Meeting
From: Jane M. La Barbera
Subject: Description of Suites Available at the 2005 Annual Meeting


Attached you will find floor plans and brief descriptions of the various suites that are available at the three participating hotels, the Hilton San Francisco, Hotel Nikko and Renaissance Parc Fifty-Five in San Francisco for the AALS Annual Meeting to be held January 5-8, 2005.

Beginning August 2, 2004, you may reserve a suite for the 2005 Annual Meeting, by calling (800) 424-5256, or you may fax or mail the housing reservation form (the Annual Meeting registration and housing reservation forms will be sent to you under separate cover in August) as instructed below. Please note that the Annual Meeting Registration Form is sent to a different location than the Housing Reservation Form.

Reservations for suites cannot be made online - they must be phoned, mailed or faxed. All reservations must be made through the San Francisco Housing Bureau, not the individual hotels.

Suite reservations require a deposit by credit card or check. The Housing Bureau will not make your reservation unless a deposit is provided. The deposit amount is $240 for a one-bedroom suite or $380 for a two-bedroom suite at any of the hotels.

==>If providing a deposit by credit card, you may call (800) 424-5256 or fax the form to the Housing Bureau at (800) 521-6017.

==>If providing a deposit by check, mail form and check (made payable to "San Francisco Housing Bureau") to: Housing Bureau, 108 Wilmot Road, Suite 400, Deerfield, IL 60015.

If your first choice of a suite is no longer available and there is a comparable suite (description and price) available at another hotel, the Housing Bureau will automatically assign it. If a suite type is not available and the next available type is an increase in price per night, the Housing Bureau will call you with available options.

Changes and Cancellations
Changes or cancellation of your hotel reservation before December 20th can be made after you have received your confirmation by contacting the Housing Bureau by phone (800) 424-5256 or fax (800) 521-6017 or online at After December 20th , wait until December 28th and then make the change or cancellation directly with your assigned hotel. Should you need to cancel your reservation, be sure to obtain a cancellation number from the hotel.

Refunds of Deposits
Deposits are (1) fully refundable if cancellation is made by December 20th; (2) refundable less a $16 fee for cancellations made after December 20th but by 6:00 p.m. on expected date of arrival; or (3) forfeited for no show or for cancellation after 6:00 p.m. on expected date of arrival. Deposits eligible for refund after December 20th will be returned by hotel to ITS which will refund it to individual by the original method of payment.

If you have questions about the suite beyond what is provided with the suite diagrams, such as furniture and other amenities, we suggest you contact the hotel directly.

Attachments:    Suite Diagrams for:
                       Hilton San Francisco
                       Hotel Nikko
                       Renaissance Parc Fifty-Five

cc:     Angela Piermarini, ITS Julie Schneider, ITS


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