March 31, 2004


To: Deans of Member and Fee-Paid Schools
From: Carl C. Monk
Subject: 2004-05 Directory of Law Teachers - Materials for Updating Entries


Enclosed with this memorandum are the materials necessary for updating your school's entries in the 2004-05 DIRECTORY OF LAW TEACHERS.

We intend to publish the DIRECTORY in the fall of 2004. To do this, we appeal to you and to each member of your faculty to give this matter prompt attention. To begin the editing process early in the summer, we must receive the completed faculty biographies and Dean's Questionnaire no later than April 30, 2004.

To prevent the DIRECTORY from reaching an unmanageable size, the number of subjects carried in the sketches is limited to those currently taught, with the privilege of adding up to three others that the faculty member has taught in the recent past and in which he or she remains competent. If a faculty member is given a reduced teaching load as a partial research leave, the individual may list as "currently teaching" those courses that he or she would have taught but for the reduced load. Faculty members may list only three committees under each society or consultantship organization listed. Faculty members may list AALS section membership in up to eight sections. Our editors will delete all extra material, so each faculty member should give these items close attention.

We cannot carry in the DIRECTORY biographical information of those who do not hold full-time teaching appointments, with the exception of the director of the library and associate and assistant deans. Because of variations in the titles throughout legal education, we must rely on you to indicate those members of your professional staff, regardless of their title, who do not hold teaching appointments. You will note from the Dean's Questionnaire that we plan to list all members of your professional staff in the list of teachers by school included at the front of the DIRECTORY.

We will continue to list those members of your teaching staff who hold FULL-TIME appointments, even if they are not members of your tenured or tenure-track faculty. At some schools this includes clinicians and legal writing teachers. At other schools, this may include those not teaching a full load, but whose professional careers are fully committed to teaching and research in law. Because of space limitations, however, we do not list part-time faculty (i.e., adjuncts) in the list of teachers by school included in the front of the DIRECTORY.

As you may know, for several years, we have had a section in the DIRECTORY that lists the two persons who have the principal policy and administrative responsibility for each of the following areas -- admissions, alumni affairs, development, and placement. We also list one associate dean for academic affairs and one for student affairs or their equivalents. The listings will enable faculty and administrators at your school to identify individuals at other schools who may be of assistance to you and your colleagues on problems in these six areas. Please select the individuals to list in Part VI of the Dean's Questionnaire with this purpose in mind.

We are trying to collect accurate and complete information concerning the composition of law school faculties through the DIRECTORY database. We do not have racial or ethnic identification information for about 10.1% of those listed in the DIRECTORY. The percentage of missing ethnic data for teachers not previously listed in the DIRECTORY is even higher. The DIRECTORY instructions this year include a special plea for everyone to provide that information. It is used for statistical purposes and as the basis for the List of Minority Law Teachers that appears in the DIRECTORY. As in the past, minority faculty members who do not wish to be included in the List of Minority Law Teachers may so state on their forms. I would greatly appreciate your assistance in encouraging your faculty members to provide this racial and ethnic background information when they complete their 2004-05 DIRECTORY forms. This assistance is especially needed with regard to new law teachers.

Please remember to submit all forms by April 30. If, after submission of the forms, you want to make changes in the data, you must provide the national office with the corrections no later than May 28, 2004. Please return all materials and direct any questions to Ms. Jan Kulick at the AALS national office (telephone: 202/296-1663; e-mail:

The success of the DIRECTORY depends upon your cooperation and assistance. Thanks for your help.

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