March 12, 2004


To: Deans of Member and Fee-Paid Schools
From: Joyce Saltalamachia, Deputy Director
Subject: Updated February Visiting Faculty Register


Attached is an updated Visiting Faculty Register. The register includes faculty members who are interested in considering invitations to visit for all or part of the academic year, but does not include those interested only in summer visiting opportunities.

We recommend that the home and visited schools make the necessary financial and administrative accommodations to ensure that faculty participating in these visits do not suffer detriment in retirement, health, or other fringe benefits.

Faculty members may also indicate their interest in visiting law schools in Canada and Australia. This interest is communicated to the AALS foreign package plan subscribers in those countries and is signified before the individual's name by an asterisk (*) (indicating interest in teaching in Canada) or a pound (#) (Australia).

The next edition of this register will be distributed in October 2004.

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