October 3, 2003


To: Deans of Member and Fee-Paid Schools
From: Joyce Saltalamachia, Deputy Director
Subject: Third Distribution of 2003-2004 Faculty Appointments Register


Enclosed is the paper copy version of the third distribution of the fall 2003-2004 Faculty Appointments Register (FAR) containing 133 faculty appointment registrants. The FAR is also available as an online database. Candidates have input their qualifications and experiences directly into a database via the internet. Beginning October 3, 2003, recruiters can access the third distribution by visiting and clicking on the "candidate search" link. Recruiters can then use search criteria to find candidates to invite to interview. A number of candidates also have submitted supplemental resumes, which can be viewed online in the Recruiters' database.

Please note that this database will be accessible to recruiters only by using usernames and passwords created by following the instructions in Deans Memo 03-24 from Associate Director Jane La Barbera dated July 30, 2003. If that memo has not yet been received, please contact AALS as soon as possible.

The Candidate information must be handled in a manner to protect the confidentiality of candidates. Schools may not share FAR candidate information outside the law school appointments process. It is also very important that schools not contact a present employer unless the candidate has checked off on the form "You may contact my employer" or has otherwise authorized such contact. Candidates have a legitimate interest in not risking unauthorized contact with their employer. Please take steps to insure that those involved in your school's hiring process agree to protect the candidate's confidentiality.

This is the final distribution of Faculty Appointments Register forms prior to the Faculty Recruitment Conference. In addition to all forms in the first three distributions, any candidate forms received after the last candidate deadline will be made available to recruiting teams at the Faculty Recruitment Conference. This year's Conference will be held at the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel in Washington, D.C., October 23-25, 2003.

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cc:    AALS Executive Committee (without enclosure)
        Deans of Modified Service Fee-Paid Schools



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