September 28, 2001


To: Deans of Member and Fee-Paid Schools
From: Veryl Victoria Miles, Deputy Director
Subject: Reciprocal Licensing Agreements for Educational Use of Law Review Articles


To help facilitate member schools in their compliance with copyright laws in the use of law review articles for course packs, the Executive Committee encourages member schools to adopt a reciprocal licensing agreement that would permit the use of law review materials in faculty course packs in a more efficient and systematic manner. Although some law school journals have already adopted policies permitting the use of law review articles in course packs many schools have not.

Because the copyright arrangements may vary among the member schools (i.e., copyrights being held by the journal, the law school, the university, the author, or some combination thereof), it should be relatively easy to establish a reciprocal licensing agreement along the following lines:

Except where otherwise expressly provided, [the law school journal/review] and the author of each article, note, or comment in this issue of [the law school journal/review] grants permission to duplicate that article, note or comment for educational use, provided that (i) copies are distributed at or below cost; (ii) the author and [the law school journal/review] are identified, and (iii) proper notice of copyright is affixed to each copy.
Again, it is the hope of the Executive Committee that all member schools will participate in this initiative. In order to fully support this effort, the AALS will serve as a clearinghouse for all such agreements, listing schools that have adopted a reciprocal agreement on the AALS website with a copy of individual school agreements available for review. Accordingly, we ask that participating schools forward a copy of their agreements for inclusion on the AALS website.

See List of Agreements


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