February 28, 2001


To: Deans of Member and Fee-Paid Schools
From: Mary Kay Kane
Subject: AALS Self-Study Questionnaire


I believe that many of you are aware that the AALS is now engaged in an extensive self-study looking at its entire mission and how to best pursue that mission in future years. The coming years will offer many challenges for the AALS as it attempts to keep pace with the changes in the legal profession and legal education brought on by advances in technology, the increasing impact of globalization, changing U.S. demographics and the like. We need your input in planning a course for the AALS.

The collection of views and opinions from deans at member and fee-paid schools about the effectiveness of current AALS programs and activities will be a critical component of the self-study. We also seek suggestions and comments about how AALS activities might be altered to provide more helpful service to the legal education community. The enclosed questionnaire will be published and distributed to all law faculty through the February 2001 AALS Newsletter. I am also sending the questionnaire directly to law deans with a special plea that you take the time to complete it and thereby contribute to the self-study process.

I was delighted to see many of you at the deans workshop during the recent ABA Mid-Year Meeting in San Diego. Those of you in attendance will recall that a major aspect of the self-study is discussion of what direction AALS membership policy should take in the future. The survey asks questions about that topic as well as AALS professional development programming, the information gathering and dissemination role of the AALS, and its role as public advocate. The survey provides an opportunity to comment on all these areas. As indicated, responses should be sent to the AALS office in Washington, D.C. Please contact Carl Monk or me if you have any questions.

Enclosure: Self-Study Questionnaire


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